What Is a Legal Description of Property Document?

What Is a Legal Description of Property Document?

Curious what a legal description of property document is? It’s a very short document, usually only about five sentences long, which describes a piece of real estate. In most cases, the legal description of property comes with a survey sketch as a visual way to determine the boundaries of a property.

This is an essential document in real estate transactions since it is a unique identifier to ensure everyone knows the details about the property that is being sold. A description of property is created by legal professionals but may be written in various ways depending on the property and its location.

What Is Included in the Document?

Several things must be included in legal descriptions of property. The following should be contained somewhere within the document:

  • Information about the subdivision, town, or county
  • The complete acreage of the real estate property
  • All of the defining features of the land
  • Where the exact boundary lines of the property can be found

As such, a legal description of property is not the same as the address of the property. While the address helps you find the property on a map, addresses can change. A legal description of property has the specific boundaries of the property and how much land is sold. While it can be more complicated and longer, it’s also more precise.

When Do You Need a Legal Description of Property?

The main time when a legal description of property is needed is when ownership of real estate is moved from one person to another. As such, the legal description is most often included in property deeds and signifies what piece of property is being described.

However, it will also be in sales contracts, mortgage papers, and other legal documents related to land. The main purpose of the legal description of property is to ensure everyone involved knows the boundaries of the real estate that is being sold. It is required to transfer the property to another owner.

In some cases, the legal description of property may also be used in disputes between neighbors over the boundaries of property. A surveyor will look at the description as a way to decide who is correct in the dispute.

If you need a legal description of property, The attorneys at Bell & Shah can help you with creating the document. It has exact boundaries and will be needed if you plan to sell a piece of property. Several methods can be used to determine the boundaries depending on the situation.

Step Up Your Real Estate Investment Game with an Attorney

Step Up Your Real Estate Investment Game with an Attorney

Are you a real estate investor, or do you want to get into the field? It has the potential to be a wonderful, lucrative business. However, it’s not something that you want to do on your own. If you want to make the process easier and truly step up your game, consider working with an attorney that knows and understands this business. They can help in a host of ways, whether you have been investing for years or you are new to the field. Let’s look at how they can assist.

Drafting and Reading Contracts

Attorneys know and understand the complexity of contracts of all sorts. They can take care of drafting various contracts that you may need, and they can read contracts that are sent to you, letting you know if there are any potential issues. Along the same lines, the attorney can help with the drafting of leases, ensuring that they are legal and binding. This ensures that you don’t make any mistakes that could end up costing you later. The attorney will review all of the sales and loans documents to make certain they are correct, as well.

If you hate trying to parse all of the paperwork that comes along with real estate investing, working with an attorney will help to make the process easier from start to finish. This means less hassle for you, and it could mean better investments and higher profits.


Attorneys tend to be excellent when it comes to negotiation. With certain types of negotiation that occur with real estate investments, such as handling inspection requests and modifications to the contract, an attorney will be valuable. They will save time and can often ensure you have a better outcome than you would if you were on your own.

Attend Closing

The attorney can attend closing with their clients, or even on behalf of their clients. This can be beneficial if you find that you aren’t able to get to closing for one reason or another.

These are just some of the ways that working with one of these professionals can help. When you choose to work with a real estate attorney, it gives you peace of mind. They can help you navigate through the challenging legal process of buying and selling properties, reducing your risks, and helping to ensure that your investments are properly protected. Take the time to get in touch with a real estate attorney to talk about your investment business today.

Did You Know Real Estate Attorneys Can Help If You Have a Bankruptcy in Your Past

Did You Know Real Estate Attorneys Can Help If You Have a Bankruptcy in Your Past

If you have declared bankruptcy in recent years, you may be concerned about your ability to purchase a home. While it is true that bankruptcies will stay on your credit report for up to ten years, they don’t necessarily make it impossible to get a mortgage. In fact, bankruptcies are designed to help you get your finances under control so you can repair your credit in order to qualify for mortgages and other loans. Here are some of the ways a real estate attorney can help you deal with your bankruptcy.

They Can Offer Reassurance

The first, and many might even same the most important, thing a real estate attorney can do is to reassure you that your bankruptcy isn’t going to stand in your way of homeownership. If you provide your lawyer with information regarding your finances, assets, and credit history, they will be able to determine how likely it is you will be able to secure the mortgage for the home you want at the terms you want. While the myth is that a bankruptcy makes getting a mortgage impossible, the truth is that it truly depends on your unique financial situation. A legal expert who understands real estateand lending laws can walk you through your finances and offer reassurance.

They Can Point You Towards the Right Resources

There are a number of mortgage companies and other programs out there that will work with those who have bankruptcies. Some of these programs will assist you with rebuilding your credit. Some lenders will even work with you to get the best rate or may offer options such as a two-year adjustable rate mortgage that can later be converted over to a conventional loan if your finances remain strong. If you’ve built your credit up enough, you may even be able to qualify for a prime rate mortgage now. FHA and VA loans, for example, can often be secured in as little as a year after your bankruptcy is finalized.

Looking for a real estate attorney who can help you secure financing for your dream home? Contact Bell & Shah Law today.

Can a Real Estate Lawyer Help with Negotiating the Price of a Home?

Can a Real Estate Lawyer Help with Negotiating the Price of a Home?

Buying a home can be a fun and scary experience at the same time. What will you do with that spare bedroom? What about the extra room you have in the garage? Can you finally have that mancave or home office you have always dreamed of? While those are all valid questions, the process of getting the right deal should come first. When it comes to negotiating on price; that is where your plans may hit a snag.

Do You Really Want the Hassle?

Although some people may enjoy the process of negotiating, many others do not. And in today’s world of buying everything from cars to art to high-end jewelry online, negotiating is becoming a thing of the past. That is because many companies are posting their best price first and removing the back-and-forth altogether.

What if it Is Your First Buying Experience?

Something else to consider is the fact that if it is your first time buying a home, you probably wouldn’t even know where to begin. How low below asking should you offer? How high should you be willing to come up? What about all of the things that don’t have anything to do with selling price but are still financial considerations such as repairs, furnishings and appliances, and other things?

This Is What Real Estate Lawyers Are Trained to Do

For every one of the questions you have, trained legal specialists who deal in real estate have the answers. They handle negotiations like this every single day and they know what they are doing. Working with a legal partner to help you with your home buying purchase simply makes more sense.

There is no reason to overspend whether you are buying your first home or your retirement villa. With the help of seasoned real estate attorneys like the professionals here at Bell and Shaw, you can rest assured that you are not only getting your dream home but also a fair price with reasonable terms and conditions. Get in touch with our offices today to schedule a consultation or to learn more.

The Importance of Having a Real Estate Legal Asset When Buying and Selling

The Importance of Having a Real Estate Legal Asset When Buying and Selling

If there is one type of law which is complicated beyond reason it is financial and real estate law. With not only regulations and rules changing every year but also the financial details themselves changing daily, it is a wonder anyone can even get a fair deal. It is important to understand that the banks and lenders’ jobs are not to get you a good deal. Their sole purpose is to get a favorable agreement for the bank. This oftentimes means a far less favorable deal for you.

Navigating Confusing Legal Language

Legal speak is always difficult to wade through. However, when it is mixed in with countless financial facts, percentages, and numbers, it can be downright indecipherable. This is where you need a trained legal expert who specializes in this type of law. It is the only way you are going to get someone to explain this complex legal dialogue to you. How can you expect to make the best decision if you don’t have all of the information?

Dealing With Complex Financial Details

Each of those numbers and decimals and percentages all mean something in this type of law. They represent interest rates, variations, length of term, monthly payments and so on. Each one of these and many other specifics all need to be documented properly and verified. Also, the fine print and details of any contract should never be ignored, especially on real estate.

These details may be the difference between a balloon payment and flat final payment. They may also list an incorrect detail such as an adjustable rate instead of a fixed rate. There are a number of examples of what a real estate lawyer might catch that you would miss.

Let the team here at Bell & Shah lookout for you during your next home purchase or sale. With everything from price to rate to term on the line, you need to make sure you get the best deal. We’d be glad to be the ones to safeguard your interests in any real estate transaction. Simply get in contact with us to find out more details!

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