Top Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Attorney

Top Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Attorney

Are you going to be buying or selling a property? You might want to consider hiring a real estate attorney to help with the transaction. Although it’s not a requirement in Illinois to have a real estate attorney at closing, you will find that they can provide some benefits.

Below, we’ll be looking at some of the reasons you might want to work with one of these attorneys, as well as how they can help you.

Why Work with an Attorney?

Real estate transactions, even relatively simple ones, tend to have a lot of moving parts, as well as deadlines. This can be overwhelming when you are doing it on your own, so working with an attorney simply makes sense. While real estate agents could help with some of these things, you have to remember that the agent isn’t an attorney. They can’t provide you with legal advice or represent you in court if needed.

An attorney helps to ensure that your legal rights are protected and that you get a fair deal. If there are issues found during the inspection, they can represent you and help with negotiations. The attorney can help to reduce the risk of legal issues arising after the deal closes, they can help to make sure the title is clear and more.

When You Should Choose a Real Estate Attorney

Do you always need to have a real estate attorney? As mentioned, there isn’t a requirement, but there are certain situations where it simply makes sense that you would have an attorney helping you through the process.

For example, if this is the first time you’ve bought a home, having an attorney can help to make the process a little easier for you.

When you are buying and selling commercial property, it’s often a good idea to work with a real estate attorney. These tend to be large transactions. You need to have an expert in the field who can help to ensure that you don’t make any mistakes you’ll regret later.

Another time that it’s a good idea to consider working with an attorney is if you own property want to use as a rental. The attorney can ensure you are doing everything in accordance with the law.

Take the time to contact the attornies at Bell & Shah, who knows and specializes in this field of Real Estate law. Having some legal help on your side is always a good idea.

Why an Attorney Should Review Your Rental Agreement

Why an Attorney Should Review Your Rental Agreement

Are you a landlord who has properties being rented out or that you want to rent out? If you do, then you need to have a rental agreement. You might have a standard agreement you found online or through a template. Maybe you are using an old agreement that hasn’t been updated in years. Regardless, you will want to have an attorney review it.

Make Sure You Are Following the Laws

There are certain laws you need to make sure you are following when you are a landlord. You can’t discriminate when it comes to renting out your property, for example, but you may not know all of the ins and outs of how this and other laws work. There could also be outdated text in old rental agreements you are using that could put you at risk.

In some cases, the attorney could find that you and your property aren’t fully protected in the agreement. In those cases, you can work with the attorney to redo the contract before it is presented to the new renters. Although having them draft a new rental agreement may seem inconvenient, most can handle this in a relatively small amount of time.

What If You Are the Renter?

Most of the time, renters don’t think they have to worry about standard rental agreements they have to sign before they can rent an apartment or house because they are standard. While this may be true in many cases, you have to realize that you are still signing a legal agreement. There could be language in there that is not only not in your favor, but that could be illegal, as well.

Rental agreements tend to be relatively simple, so hiring an attorney to look at yours should be fast and affordable. Although it might not be needed, it is something you will want to consider, particularly if you think there is anything odd in the agreement.

Find a Quality Attorney

Whether you are a landlord or you are someone who is renting a piece of property, you are going to need to speak with an attorney. You will want to talk with an attorney who knows and understands real estate law. Keep in mind that not all attorneys are capable of providing you with this type of knowledge. Make sure you are working with the best.

Turn to the experienced lawyers here at Bell Shah Law when you have any type of rental property questions. We will put our years of experience to work for you and ensure you and your real estate are properly represented

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