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Starting a Business in the New Year?

Are you going to be starting up a new business in the coming year? This is a big endeavor, and you’ve likely been planning the launch of your company for a while now. However, as prepared as you might believe yourself to be, you might be forgetting one of the major pieces of the puzzle. If you don’t have an attorney working on your behalf, you might find that you are facing more risk than you should be.

Why Work with an Attorney?

Risk is a constant part of business, and when you choose to work with attorneys who are experienced in the field, they can minimize those potential issues and protect your business assets. Consider some of the many ways that working with a lawyer will help.

From the state, working with an attorney can help ease some of the confusion that comes when starting a business. They can help you understand the various forms of business, from sole proprietorships to partnerships, LLCs, and corporations, and let you know which is best for your business. They can help you get it set up, so you can start doing business.

Attorneys will ensure that your business operates according to federal, state, and local laws. It can often be difficult for new business owners to fully understand all of the various legal requirements involved when it comes to employees, property, etc.

The attorney can write up and review independent contractor agreements, as well as employment contracts. This will ensure that you are doing everything according to the law. They can also create non-compete agreements for your employees, create executive compensation agreements, partnership agreements, and more.

The attorney can review all contracts that come your way and can create contracts that you might need for suppliers, contractors, and more. They will review documents and deals to ensure they are in your best interests.

Find a Quality Attorney

As you can see, choosing to use an attorney for your business rather than going at it on your own makes sense. You can focus on your business rather than all of the legal minutia.

When you are choosing an attorney for your business, think about the type of business you are operating and how an attorney might be helpful. Take the time to speak with an attorney about your business to get a better sense of the various ways they can help make aspects of your business easier to manage.

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