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Set Your Business Apart By Showing Your Education and Licenses

There are always ways to set yourself apart from the competition. One way is by showing your education and licensing on your website and business cards. This instantly shows visitors that you have put in the time to get where you are. Not having this visible can leave people wondering if you’ve really gone through all of the work to obtain a degree or valid license. Putting it out there also lets everyone know exactly what they’d be getting when doing business with you, so nobody has any surprises later.


For those in an academic setting, a good place to start would be on your homepage. Just a simple line under your name clearly states that you have received a bachelor’s degree from __ accredited university ___, as well as information about classes you’ve taken and what you studied. You can also add a link to your LinkedIn page next to this information.

Extra information can be included in the about section of your site, such as which graduating class you were part of or any accolades you received during school like “Student of the Year.” This is another place where LinkedIn makes an appearance, showing off how many connections you have and what organizations you belong to.


If you’re looking for something more substantial than a simple line on your homepage, it may be best to include business licenses prominently on an about page. Listing them here has two benefits: it shows potential clients and employers that you take your profession seriously, and gives everyone complete transparency in your services.

It’s also possible to include licenses in the contact section of your site, but that can get a bit crowded when you have multiple licenses or certifications listed there. Sometimes it’s better to keep this information separate so it doesn’t get lost with other content on the page.

Another way to show education and licensing is by printing them on business cards. This leaves no question about what qualifications you hold, which sets you apart from others who don’t make this apparent. It shows clients and employers that you are willing to go above and beyond for their benefit, not just yours. Having this text visible will help your brand stand out in search results, especially for keywords like “certified massage therapist” or “licensed esthetician.”

The final text you’ll want to include on your business card is a call to action. Having a link to your site or listing a phone number will make it simple for customers and clients to find a way to contact you, wherever they are currently looking for services from you. This gives you the best chance of converting them into customers because it’s easier than giving them directions to where you’re currently set up or waiting for their inquiry by email or phone. Looking to find out more about any business licenses you may need? Then reach out to us here at Bell Shah Law today!

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