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Learn What Your Home’s Inspection Must Cover

A home inspection is often required before you close on your new home. When you are getting ready to buy or sell a home, an inspection of the property’s major systems is essential to help determine its overall condition.

The Home Inspection Report

Electrical system

A safe electrical installation depends not only on correct wiring but also adequate over-current protection by the circuit breakers or fuse box. These devices prevent wires from overheating due to excessive current flow caused by short circuits or overloads. Whenever possible use breakers or fuses instead of extension cords, which can overheat and result in fire.

House Lifting Devices

These devices are used to lift homes for various reasons, including the construction of new home foundations, garage conversions, decks, and porches. Piers are usually driven into the ground with hydraulic force or by pounding. They also can be screwed in by hand. When boards are put up on the outside of the pier to hold back dirt during construction, they must be attached securely at both ends, using metal plates on one side and screws through the wood on the other side. (If not securely attached they could fail.)

Roofing materials

Inspection of roof covering is important since a leaky roof is a chronic problem. If the roof does not leak, it probably will last as long as the structural elements of the house. To assess any deterioration of this element, look for missing or cracked shingles and broken or curling tabs that allow water to enter under shingles. Examine the surface of the sheathing directly below the ridges of the roof first because the damage is more likely here than anywhere else on a sloping roof. Look at all flashings around skylights and dormers, especially those areas where two different materials come together such as brick and metal flashing.


Keep gutters clean so they can do their job effectively carrying rainwater away from your home’s foundation through a downspout. If gutters get clogged with leaves and debris, water backs up behind them and overflows, carrying muck from the roof into flowerbeds or onto your patio below. Gutters that are full of holes will allow the same result.

Exterior siding

Examine closely what condition your siding is in because this is a major exterior element of the house. A large number of defects could indicate a larger problem with the integrity of the exterior sheathing. Look for broken or missing pieces, blisters, buckles on wood sidings, check if nails on vinyl sidings are loose or missing. Check paint color on metal sidings to make sure they match the original color scheme on your house.

Let Us Show You More About Your Home Inspection at Bell Shah Law

When it comes time to have your home inspected, make sure you know what it will cover. These are only a few items to expect on your home inspection report. Call us now at Bell Shah Law to learn the rest!

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