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Do You Know if Your Career Requires Licensing? We Do So Call Us!

Many careers require you to obtain a license.

  • Accountants, auctioneers, and auction firms
  • Attorneys
  • Veterinarians
  • Physicians, dentists, and nurses
  • Realtors
  • Mortgage and real estate brokers
  • Cosmetologists
  • Architects or engineers
  • Construction and building trades.

This shows vast knowledge or specialized skills for a specific job. Licenses take hard work to acquire and maintain but gives you a legal authority to work in the occupation. Many licenses will require an ongoing education. A license not only verifies your credentials it brings trust to a client. It gives you value and allows more responsibilities from your employer.

You May Also Be Required to Have a Business License

It depends on the business to. Bars have wildly different requirements to salons. Social workers will have different requirements than a nurse. It also varies by state, county, and city. Without a license you could be fined, or your business could be shut down. Add in building, fire, and occupancy permits it gets complicated fast. Do not risk your business to license errors.

Protect Your Professional Career

If an inquiry is file with Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, it needs addressed as soon as possible. From the initial inquiry through disciplinary hearings, we can help guide you through licensing boards. We serve clients who are reapplying for a license or been denied licensure. Experience working with IDFPR allows us to understand department processes and rulings. A professional approach developed positive outcomes for our clients.

Attention to Details

When navigating the license board there will be deadlines and strict rules. Simple mistakes can have heavy consequences. Our team has the knowledge to aggressively defend your license and our goal is avoiding discipline. Facing fines, suspension, probation, penalties, or revocation our goal is your best outcome.

It can be helpful to have experience, knowledge, and compassion at your side. At we have a team of dedicated attorneys that can assist through many problems you and your license may be facing. Call us during a difficult time in your career and we will be advocates throughout the process. It is hard enough to run a business but Bell Shah, LLC is here to help.

Bell Shah Law, LLC

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