The Importance of an Attorney When Drafting Contracts

The Importance of an Attorney When Drafting Contracts

Some individuals avoid working with attorneys for contracts even though that might not be the best choice. Without an attorney, contracts may not be enforceable. The wrong phrasing, incomplete information, or a lack of important terms can make a contract worth no more than the paper it is printed on.

Below are several reasons an attorney should help with drafting your contracts.

Easier Court Enforcement

The point of a contract is being able to enforce it in court if needed. However, when you choose a generic contract or write one on your own, that may not be enough. Oral agreements are especially hard to enforce and may not even be valid depending on the situation.

An attorney can ensure all the key terms are included to make the document enforceable. Form contracts may or may not include this and sometimes are not created to meet the requirements of the state you live in.

Assurance of a Complete Contract

If you want to avoid expensive disputes and risks, an attorney should be involved in drafting your contracts. Experienced attorneys are aware of what needs to be in a contract and can explain what requirements you have and what issues might come up in the future.

Whether the attorney reviews or writes the document, it will detail what happens if someone doesn’t hold up their end of a deal. They can also make allowances for situations beyond your control. Standard clauses will be included to avoid the potential for disputes. A good contract may be long and complex, but it is put in place to protect you.

Better Contract Terms

When an attorney writes a contract for you, they are going to favor you in the terms. A lawyer with experience will know what typical terms are. They can provide insight on terms that push things in your favor, which may save you money down the road.

If someone else is creating the contract, expect them to do the same thing. That’s why your lawyer should review the contract and advise you of changes to reasonable terms. In addition, they can assist with a negotiation strategy when needed.

Having good legal advice about contracts is essential for those with a business of any size. Making sure your contract is fully legal and enforceable can avoid issues in the future. The right attorney can help you create the best terms, ensure the document is complete, and be sure it will be enforced in court. If you have any further questions, contact the experienced lawyers at Bell & Shah.

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