Are You on the Verge of Losing Your Licensing?

Are You on the Verge of Losing Your Licensing?

Losing a fishing license simply means not having the ability to legally enjoy a common leisure time activity. However, losing a professional license is an entirely different matter. Without a legitimate license to practice a profession, an individual may not be able to lawfully continue pursuing a rewarding career, and this in turn can lead to loss of a comfortable income and lifestyle, along with great personal distress and suffering for an entire family.

Losing Your Licensing Can Put You Out of Business

If you are a licensed professional in Illinois, are involved in a lawsuit, and are found to be at fault, you can risk losing your license to practice in your field. Upon being informed that you are under investigation by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR), the possibility of having to forfeit your professional license may initially cause panic, but it is important to remain calm during this time and work with an attorney to dispute the complaint. A complaint is not a suspension but simply the starting point in an investigation that could lead to a suspended license. While the investigation is under way, you are still allowed to practice your profession and work with clients.

The laws and rules relating to the professions in Illinois include many specific grounds for disciplinary action, almost all of which involve acts and omissions specifically tied to an individual’s professional duties. But a number of licensing acts and rules are full of vague, ambiguous language that could in theory be used by IDFPR to institute punitive measures for personal behavior, such as participation in a white supremacist group.

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Illinois laws are in a constant state of flux, and the regulations related to licensing are no exception. Therefore, a private individual can easily misjudge and/or make a harmful procedural error in trying to interpret these laws, making it essential that you contact an experienced Illinois licensing attorney to handle your case. Call 773-635-0355 or go to today to receive our top-tier, personalized counsel on the ins and outs of Illinois licensing laws and to discuss your options. We look forward to hearing from you.

Need to Ensure Your Business is Safe? Call Us to manage Your Business Transactions

Need to Ensure Your Business is Safe? Call Us to manage Your Business Transactions

All the responsibilities and risks of starting or running a business, things like contracts for employees, leases for property, taxes, and insurance fall to the owner. Hiring an excellent attorney is essential. Bell & Shah, LLC can help.

How to Keep Your Business Safe

Protecting a business starts with choosing the right business structure. Whether it is a sole proprietorship, a partnership, a limited liability company, a type of corporation, a nonprofit, or a cooperative the business structure determines your taxes, paperwork, and liability. The nuances do matter though.

Entire books have been written on transaction laws. Consulting with Bell Shah Law, LLC provides an attention to the details in laws surrounding your business. Entrepreneurs and companies in the Chicago area seek our dedication and focus needed to maximize growth.

For real estate, the purchase is a legal process and an investment. We will represent clients for the entire process. Drafting and reviewing contracts, handling changes to contracts, tracking deadlines, preparing to close, and attending the close with or on behalf of the client are just some of the ways we can assist. Let us handle these complex issues so you can focus on other aspects of the business.

Protecting business transactions is a top priority for our team. This means creating and reviewing employment contracts, independent contractor agreements, executive compensation agreements, noncompete agreements. We also oversee complex mergers and acquisitions.

Our attorneys can also provide guidance and assist in small business formation. Once the business is established consultations can continue. With ongoing consultation for small businesses tax and liability risks are greatly reduced. Legal matters can be handled as they arise as well.

We Are Committed to Helping All Business Owners Around Chicagoland

With guidance from our attorneys who focus on a higher level of service your business can thrive. While growth is very positive it also carries some risks. Check out some tips we have on how to grow your business while still keeping it protected.

Our experts are happy represent our clients throughout the entire process of starting your business to protecting it all. Reduce the risks with Bell & Shah, LLC. Call us now to manage your current and future business transactions.

Do You Know if Your Career Requires Licensing? We Do So Call Us!

Do You Know if Your Career Requires Licensing? We Do So Call Us!

Many careers require you to obtain a license.

  • Accountants, auctioneers, and auction firms
  • Attorneys
  • Veterinarians
  • Physicians, dentists, and nurses
  • Realtors
  • Mortgage and real estate brokers
  • Cosmetologists
  • Architects or engineers
  • Construction and building trades.

This shows vast knowledge or specialized skills for a specific job. Licenses take hard work to acquire and maintain but gives you a legal authority to work in the occupation. Many licenses will require an ongoing education. A license not only verifies your credentials it brings trust to a client. It gives you value and allows more responsibilities from your employer.

You May Also Be Required to Have a Business License

It depends on the business to. Bars have wildly different requirements to salons. Social workers will have different requirements than a nurse. It also varies by state, county, and city. Without a license you could be fined, or your business could be shut down. Add in building, fire, and occupancy permits it gets complicated fast. Do not risk your business to license errors.

Protect Your Professional Career

If an inquiry is file with Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, it needs addressed as soon as possible. From the initial inquiry through disciplinary hearings, we can help guide you through licensing boards. We serve clients who are reapplying for a license or been denied licensure. Experience working with IDFPR allows us to understand department processes and rulings. A professional approach developed positive outcomes for our clients.

Attention to Details

When navigating the license board there will be deadlines and strict rules. Simple mistakes can have heavy consequences. Our team has the knowledge to aggressively defend your license and our goal is avoiding discipline. Facing fines, suspension, probation, penalties, or revocation our goal is your best outcome.

It can be helpful to have experience, knowledge, and compassion at your side. At we have a team of dedicated attorneys that can assist through many problems you and your license may be facing. Call us during a difficult time in your career and we will be advocates throughout the process. It is hard enough to run a business but Bell Shah, LLC is here to help.

How to Grow Your Business While Still Protecting It

How to Grow Your Business While Still Protecting It

Growing your business is necessary if you want it to truly become successful, but growing also comes with a risk. If you grow your business too fast or too soon, you may find yourself quickly facing declining profits and bankruptcy. Move too slowly, however, and you may find your competitors have claimed most of the market. If you’re a business owner, here are a few tips for growing your business while still protecting it.

Look at the Numbers

You may want to expand your business and even have ideas for doing so, but in order to grow without over-extending yourself, you have to look at the numbers. If the profits simply aren’t there, you have to old off growing your business or grow it in a much smaller manner than you’d like. Growing your business often does mean taking risks, but protecting your business means making sure those risks are not too great and will pay off. The numbers will often tell you when you can leap and when you need to hold back.

Watch Your Competition

If other businesses in your industry are suddenly scaling back, canceling plans, and signaling that they are concerned about the market, it’s likely not a good time to grow your business. You can protect yourself by watching when others start to grow or pull back. It can be tempting to try to grow and corner the market while your competitors are shying away from growth, but doing so is often a mistake.

Understand Your Industry

Understanding your industry is vital to both growing and protecting your business. If your industry tends to be on the volatile side, the rapid changes may make it seem like it’s never the time to grow. By understanding your industry, you’ll be able to get a good feel for when it’s about to expand. To fully recognize when it’s time to grow and when it’s not, look at the history of your industry to spot trends. Keep an eye on current trends, too, including changes in law, regulations, licensing requirements, technology, and competition.

If you have questions about the legal aspects of your industry and growing your business, you need an expert. The team at Bell & Shah Law can answer any questions you might have. Contact us today to discuss your business’s legal needs.

Things to Know Before Incorporating Your Business

Things to Know Before Incorporating Your Business

The process of incorporating a business can be rigid, time consuming, and full of paperwork and legal maneuvering. It is also subject to a lot of oversight and regulation. However, the benefits of incorporating are more than worth it, if it’s the right type of move for your business. Incorporating distinguishes the business from its owners, making it a separate entity. Here are a few things to know before taking deciding if it’s the best thing for your business:

Whether or Not It’s the Right Structure for You

When you incorporate your business, it completely changes the dynamic of how it is operates. By doing so, you will be setting yourself up for raising capital and bringing in shareholders. But it should be noted that with that comes added scrutiny to your company, how you run it, as well as creating accountability which you did not have to deal with before.

Understand the Gray Areas of Personal Assets

While many people incorporate to protect their personal and financial assets from liability, it’s not always so cut and dry. If you use a personal credit card to purchase business assets, or you guarantee a company financial agreement with your personal credit, the lines between personal and corporate become blurred.

Determine the Best State in Which to Incorporate

Each state has different legal requirements and regulations for corporations. If your company does business across multiple states, you may want to consider which one is friendliest towards your industry. That’s why having a legal advisor to assist you can make such a big difference.

You always want to make sure that whatever decisions you make for your business are in its best interests. This is not only for the sake of the company itself but also for you and your family. Incorporation is a very important step in growing and protecting your business. It is best to leave it up to the experts who know that they are doing. At Bell and Shaw, we have years of experience in this arena.  Contact us today for a consultation or to find out more about our services.

Don’t Let Your Business Get Off On the Wrong Foot With Improper Licensing

Don’t Let Your Business Get Off On the Wrong Foot With Improper Licensing

With everything that goes into starting a business, the last thing you need to worry about is legal permits. No matter what type of industry you are in, chances are it takes all kinds of licenses. In addition to the actual work licenses, you also have all of the building and contracting licenses that have to be in order as well. The point is, failing to have the right permits can have a far more serious impact than many other missteps.

Various Requirements for Different Types of Business

The problem with getting all of the correct licensing is that it can be hard to know what is actually needed. It can vary from city to city and county to county. It can require a yearly permit, a lifetime permit, or anything in between. And as we already mentioned, different businesses need specific licenses.

What Do You Specialize In?

If you own a bar or some other establishment that sells alcohol, doing so requires a license. Most people wouldn’t miss that one. But are you sure that you wouldn’t overlook something like a permit about the size and placement of your sign? Even though it may not seem like that big of a deal, the impact it could have on your business could be severe. Something as simple as working with a legal partner could help you to avoid these headaches.

Maybe you plan on hosting events such as birthday parties, anniversaries, reunions, and various other social gatherings. There are all kinds of building and structural, electrical, plumbing, capacity, and fire permits, as well as many others which must be filed and approved.

Possible Issues Incorrect Licensing May Cause

Anything from minor to serious fines all the way up to immediate closure of your business could come as a result of not having the proper licenses. Whiles fines and negative inspections may be easier to handle, interruption to your business activities is not.

Understanding the various licenses needed in your business and what they cover can be confusing. This is why having pros like the ones at Bell Shah Law is so important to get launched the right way. Simply contact us online or give us a call to learn more.

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